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24-hour Emergency Response System

Lifeline, a 24-hour emergency response system, helps individuals live independently by providing emergency help at the touch of a button. Lifeline subscribers have a base unit installed in their home and can access help by pushing a button that is worn on the wrist or around their neck. When subscribers press their Lifeline button, the unit automatically dials into the Response Center. Lifeline calls are answered 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

Subscribers to Lifeline pay an initial set-up fee of $40 ($20 for DMH Auxillary members) and a monthly monitoring fee.  The monthly monitoring fee for a regular Lifeline alert button is $32 and for an auto alert button is $40.

Lifeline has been offered to the community since 1984 and currently provides support to many subscribers in Decatur and surrounding areas.

For more information about Lifeline, please call (256) 973-2217.